Saturday, April 05, 2008

mommy's precious little political pundit

Well, Clare didn't make the cut, but CNN ran a story on the incredible number of Obama baby videos on youtube nowadays...apparently enough to constitute their own "genre." And the number of hits on Clare's video have spiked--now almost 1500 views and a few more comments as well, some of which seem really engaged in figuring out if the baby videos are just mimicking sounds or these babies actually mean something. This is apparently turning into a real discussion.

Now, of course MY baby is a total verbal genius but I think it's hilarious that people would take seriously the "issue" of what these babies mean. CNN got a speech development expert to point out that "ba" and "ma" are the two most commonly babbled sounds a baby makes (in almost any language, I would add) and therefore "Obama" is just a baby-friendly name that's fun and easy to repeat. Ummm...DUH. (That's also a baby-friendly syllable fun and easy to repeat. Let's say it again: DUH.) And anyhow, if someone were to disagree with that obvious point...would we really therefore be contending that these babies and toddlers are somehow expressing some kind of considered political opinion? Clearly if there is any pre-opinion being expressed it's a matter of picking up cues from the folks. The little monkeys are pretty good at that, after all.

So what's the point, if it's not that these babies are geniuses, or that they're really endorsing a candidate?

It's just damn cute, for one thing.

And it says to the world, not "hey world I'm a genius toddler and I'm voting for Obama" but "hey people, I have a proud mommy and daddy who think I'm cute and who support Obama for President." Now that means something.


JTB said...

actually, Clare just proved she can say "mccain" and "hillary" just as clearly as Obama (she repeated their names after the Obama baby video with the Dad) really, in our house it comes down to, only Obama has the advantage of those awesome videos...

Justin Burton said...

If you wash her mouth out with soap when she says 'McCain' and 'Clinton,' I bet she'll stop.

Maybe a timeout would work well, too.

JTB said...

hmmm...after the meltdown at the dinner table tonight I don't know if there's really anything that can be done to modify the behavior of our pintsize hellion.

perhaps the unclean spirits of alternative political candidates were warring inside her?

anyone know a good exorcist?

Anonymous said...

If you find one, send them our way! LOL!!!