Monday, March 10, 2008

on his way

A few weeks back, Brent's final requirement for the practical liturgy class he was taking was a "practice Mass." It's not a real Mass, because he's not ordained yet. He won't be able to celebrate a Mass until after he is ordained a priest, which will be at least six months after his ordination as transitional deacon, which is scheduled for early June. So it's in a third floor classroom instead of chapel (so no one gets confused and thinks it's real); hence the strange whiteboard background behind the altar. The point of course is to give everyone a little practice from the inside out--after all, no matter how familiar you are with the liturgy as a worshipper, it's different when you're leading it. It's a fairly big deal, since celebrating a Mass--even a not-really-real practice one--is a big deal. And it's a sort of rite of passage around here. Some classmates participate, some attend to support and encourage, some attend to try to trip you up by stealing the host or grabbing the chalice or otherwise acting crazy. (Watch Part 4 and see if you can figure out why everyone's snickering at they walk to their seats, and when the host gets put in someone's pocket.)

Of course, sharing this video with the world is entirely my idea and Brent loves me enough to let me have my way. He would never post this on his blog. Of course, he never posts anything on his blog.

(Part 1: Procession, Opening Collect, scripture readings, Gospel, first bit of homily)

(Part 2: rest of homily, Nicene Creed, Prayers of the People)

(Part 3 begins at about 1:20: rest of Prayers of the People, General Confession, Absolution, the Peace, the Offering, the Great Thanksgiving)

(Part 4: administration of communion, Postcommunion Prayer, Blessing, Recession)

And special thanks to my techno-savvy friend who made posting this video possible! Baked symbols of appreciation headed your way!


Brian said...

Cool! And with an acapella offertory hymn.

Were they snickering at the fact that somebody shouted "Hallelujah Father!" during the Eucharistic prayer? If not, I didn't spot why. But I did see the pocketed host. :)

JTB said...

It's hard to spot in the video, and in fact, I didn't see it happen myself, as I was on my way back to my seat. But one of the communicants tries to grab and drain the chalice. You don't see it in the video because Brent was actually prepared for it! But you do get to see the pocketing... which Brent totally missed at the time. (Later, the classmate in question informed Brent that he intended to share the Body of Christ with his sick dog at home.)

Brian said...

What is the priest supposed to do if somebody pockets the host? Reach in there and get it out?

JTB said...

Brent says that the proper response is to instruct the communicant to consume the host.

(I don't know what happens if they refuse...)

Also I was wrong about the chalice-grabbing. What really happened was someone took the chewed wafer out of his mouth to intinct it. The chalice-grabbing was discussed afterward as one of those common things you gotta be on your guard about...

Brian said...


Ugh. I wish we didn't allow intinction. I think you're much more likely to spread germs by sticking your grubby fingers in the wine than by taking a sip.