Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super fat tuesday

Okay, so I'm glued to the TV and here in a minute we'll be breaking out the scotch.


I just realized what it is that I like so much about Obama. He's the cyborg candidate.

Oh, I don't mean he's a wired up cyborg or even that he's more technologically savvy than anyone else (although Katie Couric's been talking all about how well Facebook has been working for the Obama campaign). I mean it in Haraway's political sense. Hybridity defying categorical identity, and therefore offering a promise of potential unity on the basis of something other than "natural identity." On the basis of something like common sense. Or even hope.

But you've got to think that it's possible. And that's the other aspect of cyborg thought that Obama embodies so well. Haraway's cyborg is all about agency. Yes, we can.


I'm a bit afraid that Clinton, despite how much I like her, were she to get the nom, would fall prey to the temptation to play the Men's Game bigger and better. Fall prey to the temptation to prove that she is "strong" and a legitimate leader. And I don't think that we can survive any more political pissing matches.


My gut says that if Clinton gets the nomination, we can kiss the South good-bye. I think there are a lot of people who might vote for Obama instead of voting Republican but who would never vote for Clinton. My mother is one of them. I think there are a lot more.


verdict: Laphroiag is a lot smokier and complex than Glenlivet.


Jared Cramer said...

i love the livet but have not tried the one you mentioned. thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I believe "peaty" is the adjective you're looking for.

JTB said...

Okay, scotch snobs, "peaty" is indeed the correct adjective...says so right on the label even.

Another cyborgian aspect of Obama's appeal I realized last night: he doesn't require that we place total faith in him as an individual leader. He doesn't make "I" statements. He talks about "we." All of the diversity he talks about, and that is so evident in the campaign, is acknowledged, valued, and then woven together into a "we." Not a totality--but a collective.

I wonder if Donna Haraway's voting for Obama?

TKP said...

You're such an alcoholic. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

glad to have another scotch to try; I'm enjoying the Macallan I got for Christmas, but I often wonder what the others are like. I guess I have to go look up "peaty" now.