Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, 8/13:
*7:00 pm Mom and Dad arrive at Newark

Tuesday, 8/14:
*pack, pack, pack and clean, clean, clean

Wednesday, 8/15:
*load the truck, turn in keys
*stay at K & D's apt across the street because, now, we're homeless for 2 days

Thursday, 8/16:
*hang out in Princeton because we're suddenly not allowed to move in yet and do...what???
*maybe get the car cleaned and ready to sell?
*get Mom and Dad to NWK to fly to Nashville

Friday, 8/17:
*Brent drives truck into city, get a parking spot right after the street sweeper comes by (10:30am)
*I come later with Clare and the cat??? Or go with and someone hang out with Clare while we move? Or???


priscilla said...

why sell the car?

JTB said...

who wants to park it? and why destroy the earth? besides, have you seen the athleticism it takes to get Clare into her carseat?!

wanna buy a car?

priscilla said...

You should know by now we don't 'buy' cars - we keep getting given them. We may be inheriting a big van-type thing with beds, tables etc.. Wanna buy a home away from home?