Saturday, February 10, 2007

about Brent

Yesterday, I had a clumsy-ass day. Maybe y'all don't have those, but I do. Not every day, but often enough that these days are a phenomenon with a label. On those days I do a lot more cursing than usual. I refer to myself as 'clumsy-ass bitch,' usually more than once, because once the clumsy-ass starts happening, it's rampantly contagious and starts happening everywhere with everything.

So last night, after spilling hot soup out of my bowl down my jeans, onto my socks and slippers and all over the kitchen floor, twice, and then knocking a whole bunch of DVDs clattering down onto the floor after Clare was finally asleep in bed, it's miraculous that Brent could somehow make me laugh at myself after all that elaborate and totally sincere cussing. But he did. Just one more reason to love him.

That, and the fact that he can't hear that little sound that old people aren't supposed to be able to hear and I can.


TKP said...

You are very funny. Guess what? I got a pink iPod shuffle for Valentine's!! Woot, I am so excited! And Will has started reading The Golden Compass and really likes it as well.

JTB said...

you guys need the rest of the trilogy, eh?

TKP said...

No, I bought them on Amazon and am currently on The Amber Spyglass. Will put a bunch of TMBG on my iPod and it made me think of you.