Wednesday, October 04, 2006

part III

And to bring this now flaccid conversation to its successful conclusion: part III.


Jeremy Paden said...
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hermit jeremy said...

awww, you linked to us. :)

how'd redemption theories class go, or whatever it was you were thinking about christus victor for?

JTB said...

I'm going to put you in my permanent links as soon as I have some time to get back to organizing that stuff. (unless y'all object...)

Precept was surprisingly fun this week, actually, though I wimped out and didn't mention Jesus' penis. Instead I spent quite a lot of time trying to provide some background info on Schleiermacher so that reading excerpts from the Glaubenslehre as assigned for the class will make some sense for people. Not nearly as exciting, but necessary.

And I think "Optiva" sounds like a calcium pill for women at risk for osteoporosis.

hermit greg said...

Optiva has the problem of all words unmoored from natural language. We just saw an ad for a substance that removes--or stunts, or something--women's facial hair. "Vaniqa," it's called. "They made it out of vanish K said." But I keep thinking they might as well have made it from "vanity." Likewise, I don't know why there's no ED drug called "Upitrol."