Saturday, September 16, 2006

things Clare is doing now, or "dangerously maternal" post

  1. Stringing more vowels together than Robert Plant. Oooooooo-ya-ee-ya-ee-yeah.
  2. Sleeping like a princess in a fairy tale...all night long.
  3. Creating masterpieces in her favorite modern art medium, mostly untitled, but some, particularly memorable, with titles like "that time there was so much it came up the front and the back" and "time to wash the bouncy chair again" and "wow! it hit the wall!"
  4. Initiating a long-term scientific investigation into determining exactly which objects in the universe are soluble in human saliva.
  5. Turning into a real milk junkie--looks like Homer Simpson eating a donut when she nurses.
  6. Growing and growing and growing so a bad hundred-year bloom. But in "the good way."


G&G Girl said...

Just wanted to say I loved your post on Mike's blog and subsequently mentioned it on my blog. 6-degrees of blog/eNewsletter separation. :-) Anyhow, my jaw is still dropping at a few of the comments to Mike and Joe. Exhibit A for "let's dear down our brothers in a totally non-loving and non-productive manner". Go us.

Missed you and Clare last night!

JTB said...

Yes--I know the comment you're talking about...I couldn't believe it either. Just goes to show that vicious sentiment can be perfectly well expressed without a single cuss word. (And we all know that virtuous sentiment can sometimes be perfectly well expressed with them, on occasion. :)

I was so happy to be able to share that little anecdote. I shocked RM with it at church the other night--apparently she missed that newsletter...