Thursday, May 18, 2006


Baby's definitely dropped. Ursula, who may be our favorite of the four midwives in the practice (I don't know if it's the charming German accent or the unexpected sense of humor or what but she is so cool) told us so yesterday: "Ze baby ees quite low. She ees down zere." Not that I needed an announcement, really. When someone's head is riding along in your pelvis you pretty much know it.

Anyhow, no signs of labor yet. I still have no idea what Braxton-Hicks contractions should feel like, or how grody the whole mucus plug thing will be, or how dramatic the water-breaking thing should be (although Mom informs me that her water never broke with any of us, so it seems I might have to diagnose labor without the most helpfully definite sign of it. I feel gypped. I mean, come on, on TV births the water always breaks and splashes all over the floor and that's how they know to panic. How will we cope without that?)

So, this week the big project has been getting ready for the untimeable inevitable. Made a packing list, started packing the hospital bag. Made a shopping list for things to take with us and went shopping: juice, Gatorade and Propel fitness water (since I really do hate Gatorade), some healthy snacky easily digestible things, and the irreplaceable A & D ointment for the baby's butt (parenthetical note: it still looks odd to me to see it in a tube instead of in those little free sample packs we grew up with, which seem to me still today to be its most natural packaged form). Bought a little lavendar outfit Brent liked for her going-home outfit as his liturgical side kicked in and objected to taking her home in just any ol' onesie. Charged up the digital camera and deleted all old files on it so we can fill it up with adorable baby pictures. Made a people-to-call list, drafted an announcement email and the Cool Lutheran Neighbors to send it out for us, and added them as a blogger here to post the news here as well. Went to a La Leche League meeting and borrowed the local chapter's Womanly Art of Breastfeeding from their lending library and have started perusing it. Made an appointment with a pediatrician for tomorrow afternoon. Watched the birthing DVD Maria lent us yet again, and still cried, again, at the first birth (that one is just so awesome!)

What else is there to do? Faithfully keep up with the prenatal yoga. And just...wait. But "I hate waiting" and it makes me feel like I want her to just hurry it on up; then again, we need to hang on at least till Mom gets here! It's not that I'm scared of doing this without her, but just that both of us would be so bummed if she missed it.

Overall, though, I still feel like I'm gearing up for a big soccer tournament or something. Anticipating it, preparing mentally and physically, thinking of it like a great big sporting event that I of course will inevitably win after a stellar and inspiring performance "on the field." But I would probably be content to have the baby named MVP.


papayamama said...

Hi. I got your blog link from my sister, who recently emailed you about reading a thesis you wrote. I think. Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading it. Your blog. Not the thesis. Haven't read that.

I'm currently pregnant with my second child, and though I went with standard medical procedure for my first birth (epi and all), I plan a natural birth this time around. I loved your birth plan. I've got several months left to write it, but I'll probably be back to your blog for inspiration.

While I did have braxton hicks for all the last half of my pregnancy with Maya, I didn't have any of the other signs you mentioned, and, she didn't drop until I was in the hospital in active labor.

Yay babies! And congratulations.

Rachel Wylie

TKP said...

Dude, I totally went to Bible camp in Wisconsin with Rachel McCauley Wylie!

Did you see what happened to me at the police station on my blog? CRAZINESS I tell you!

D.J. said...

I keep waiting for our little girl to drop, but I still have 4 weeks left, so there's time. I wouldn't want her to drop too soon if it's very uncomfortable.

I've been having Braxton-Hicks for some time now, but they don't really hurt. It just feels weird. I'm sure I'll know when the real thing happens.

You sound like you're really organized. I need to start thinking about what to pack and all that other good stuff. You know, the stuff you can plan.

pat said...

I'm getting so excited I can't stand it. Hold on Baby Bates until I can get there!