Monday, March 13, 2006

terrain change

This week I read in Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week that sometimes growth seems gradual, and sometimes it seems to happen suddenly, virtually overnight.

No kidding.

Last Friday morning I still recognized my bellybutton. Friday night when I got ready for bed, I looked down at my belly and didn't recognize the terrain. Last night at church I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the mirror "panells" and thought, my word, I'm huge! I know, I know...with another almost 3 months to go, I ain't seen nothin' yet. Frankly, at this point, I'm a little frightened.

I'm also leaking. I didn't think that happened this early. And it's only on one side. It's very distracting and I guess I ought to go get some nursing pads because stuffing one side of the bra with toilet paper is just not a permanent solution.

That's it for rude truth about pregnancy today. I just had to chug a bottle of the most disgustingly over-sweet fake Kool-Aid crap I've ever had to ingest and off we go to the doctor's office for the Glucose Tolerance Test. Yay, fun. But we don't dare be late because I'm not drinking that mess again. Blech.

If you're looking for something edifying to read you obviously came to the wrong place, but try looking here.


Anonymous said...

I feel kind of edified.

My belly button seems fine for now, but other terrain changes ensue.

priscilla said...

You know what I look like now, and I used to be drop-dead delightful!

I made the comment to my darling husband that my belly button seemed to be deeper now, and he (after laughing himself off the chair) suggested that my belly button was exactly where it always was, but the surrounding 'terrain' had increased somewhat.

Regarding the 'leaking'. I feel a bit odd talking about your boobs, especially when I do see you and your boobs (covered) regularly. However, I had some wool breast pads, that you can wear for a while and then wash. The lanolin in them seems to do something that makes them good. I will search my memory to see if I can remember the name.

Casey. said...

Thank you for linking me. I've never been linked before!