Sunday, October 16, 2005

new things to be rudely truthful about

The kiwi hat isn't the only thing I've been doing around here. Sure, you say, there's that mysterious and awful process known as "comps" you keep bitching about, we get it already, so shut up.

No, that's not it. My newest latest accomplishment (sorry, no picture), is a baby.

Yep, people of the blogosphere, I'm pregnant.

I was determined to hold off on announcing this until comps were over. I thought maybe if I didn't tell announce it, it would make it easier to temporarily shove the fact aside and concentrate on comps. Despite the fact that I can still work myself up into a snit about the injustice, inefficient pedagogy, and downright cruelty of the whole comps process, my mind's just not really been on it. This week I tried dutifully to read Diogenes Allen as a review for the upcoming philosophy comp, and put it down in favor of The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. And nearly had a weeping fit while reading about morning sickness over breakfast.

That's not my first weeping fit, either. Last week I was trying to review for History of Doctrine, and since Brent was gone and the apartment was eerily quiet I turned the TV on for background noise and got sucked into a rerun of the movie The Other Sister. Brent came home just at the moment when the marching band shows up at their wedding. He peeked into the living room, said hi and asked what I was doing, and I promptly burst into tears. My first excuse for behavior that shocked and surprised me as much as it did him: "I love this movie. It's so...cheesy...and beautiful..." Then I tried blaming it on anxiety about my History of Doctrine comp, but he wasn't fooled. He had a sort of freaked look that he tried to hide, valiantly, but unsuccessfully. I myself was freaked because honestly, I had no idea it was about to happen, and while it was happening, I found it so hilarious that I could be sobbing without feeling sad that I started giggling. The whole thing devolved very quickly a scene of individual random hormone-induced hysteria.

At least at that point I already knew I was pregnant and didn't have to worry that I was losing my mind. Before I peed on the little stick--twice, just in case I did it wrong, although honestly, it's not that complicated--I was chalking up all the fatigue, despondency and muscle soreness to existential dread of comprehensive exams. It was such a relief to know that there was a physiological basis for waking up feeling like someone had been beating me with a baseball bat in my sleep every night, and being unable to concentrate on the utterly riveting things I was supposed to be frantically studying, and unable to keep myself from taking a nap no matter how worried I was or felt like I should be about the upcoming exams. In a way, it was a great stress-reliever, too: clearly, comprehensive exams do not constitute the entirety of my world. There Are More Important Things Going On.

Of course, the only possibility for getting through these exams with any hope of comporting myself with any credit was to ignore the fact that I'm pregnant until they're over--at least this round. I made it through 2 exams but, oops, kindof lost it this week and started thinking about pregnancy instead of philosophy. I think it's that the queasiness has started to kick in, and at that point, it's no use pretending anymore.

So, there it is. Some of you knew already, most of you related to me, so the rest of you, don't get your panties in a wad. Maybe you think this wasn't the proper fanfare for announcing the scary fact that Brent and I have decided to doom your progeny to share the world with ours, but you get to announce your procreation any old cutesy way you want to.

So, look forward (or dread) a new theme to this blog: rude truth about being pregnant while doing a doctorate. Have I mentioned I'm now cursed with terrible gas, and at the same time I'm horribly constipated? Oh yes. That doesn't have anything to do with the doctorate but it's very uncomfortable to take an 8-hour exam feeling constipated the whole time, plus horrible back pain from the non-ergonomic chair, plus getting up to pee every ten minutes. And even worse, for my second exam they provided a hotel room in Eerdman Hall--which had a bed. Cruel, really.


Anonymous said...

Way cool!!!
Now you can wear anything you want to the December E&E wedding, and the most discriminating Southern broad won't judge you because you've got a bambino on board!
Congratulations to you and Brent:)

priscilla said...

Yippee, she's back.
Bigger and better than ever. Congrats again (ha ha, we already knew).
Maybe the gas is from the lunch I served you on Monday; vegetables tend to do that to people. The constipation will most likely be from all the iron you are now taking. Bummer (oops, is that a faux pas?)

JTB said...

Perhaps yoga will afford some relief? I promise not to put my mat too close to yours in case I start feeling

Anonymous said...

Wow. Big congratulations! I am avoiding any cheeky labor (intellectual and otherwise) remarks in favor of passing along what I believe might be positive contributions to your "burden": think how easy it will be to lie down and still prop up all the books you'll be reading for dissertation research! And if the research drags on long enough, remember that kids can reach those low shelves in the library MUCH easier than us adults.

jch said...

When will you announce to the Brooklyn church?


JTB said...

Hi Joe, I'll tell Sunday, during announcements or whatever. Although it may be somewhat anticlimactic, after Ira coming home & all!!!

JAW said...

Congrats!!! When I notice how many of society's dregs are procreating, it gives me comfort that good, quality folks like you and Brent are trying to fight the imbalance.

Brian said...


TKP said...

Haha, I already knew, so I feel special. I'm watching you knit a blueberry hat while Brent makes apple pie. This baby is going to be in GASB training right away.

Anonymous said...

I'll share my congrats as well. I know Brent will enjoy many more times of walking into the room and seeing you crying for no reason. I have enjoyed the same with my pregnant wife.

allison said...

I totally knew. And I'm telling people for you who aren't in the blogosphere. Now Julia, Krista, and Audrey know, and they're so excited for you. Felicidades.

mom23 said...

Jen, congratulations!!! I wish you a very happy and healthy 9 months (or whatever is left of it!!)