Wednesday, September 07, 2005

kitty love

My cat is in love.

His name is Zeke. Zeke is a handsome cat, dark browny gray with black stripes and very lean and muscular looking. He lives next door, and he is a very nice cat.

But he doesn't like my cat. We tried to introduce them, and that's when it happened. Tiamat fell in love, and Zeke hissed at her and ran away.

I'm taking care of Zeke this week while our people-neighbors are away. Tiamat's figured out that I'm seeing Zeke regularly and is clearly jealous. At first I thought she was just miffed that I was dividing my feline affections with another cat, but slowly I began to realize it doesn't have anything to do with me at all. She's jealous that I'm seeing Zeke and she's not, not that he's seeing me. She follows me to the door whenever I leave, and she's waiting at the door when I come back. Yesterday she darted out the door and went straight to the neighbors' door, sniffing and looking for a way in. She goes to the door at night and yowls plaintively: in catspeak, I think it's something like, "Whyyyyyyyy don't you looooooooooooove me?"

I've tried to explain to her that if you want a boy to like you, rule #1 is do NOT chase him--let him come to you.

And Zeke, for his part, can tell that I am friends with the detestable cat next door and isn't so sure about me anymore, even though I do feed him and give him treats and clean out his potty.

I don't have a lot of hope for this relationship.

Thoughts on reflection: strongwilled, intelligent, aggressive women simply don't fare well romantically. Perhaps Zeke--like all those guys who never managed to ask me out in college--is just too threatened by my sleek, lovely, chaotic goddess of a cat.


TKP said...

Poor kitty. I should sent her a pink cat sweater that says GASB and it will make her feel better. I hope the next door cat is nicer and wakes up to the fact that a lovely lady cat is next door. Good luck!

JTB said...

maybe she can be the GASB mascot?

Anonymous said...

hmm...sounds like the bizarre love triangle i was involved in with marty and his kitty - namira. though i love namira to bits, whenever i've been left alone with her, i get this sense that she doesn't like me. she only likes me when marty's around - as if she's showing off what a good kitty she is by letting the "other" woman pet her. i tell you, anyone that says cats are dumb just don't know cats.

hope you and brent are well!

Anonymous said...

I know how those college guys felt I don't even relate to cats so what level can we possibly speak on?