Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The Feminarian has a nice post up with pictures of her kitties. As you can tell I am having a rough time of it--little kids and old people dear to my heart are suffering, and I'm stuck here in NJ unable to do anything but blog about it--but I thought that I too would post a picture of my cat, who, like all wise cats, knows when to seek you out, settle down for the long haul, and purr. If only people could comfort that well.

She sleeps with her tongue sticking out. It's cute, isn't it?


Stasi said...

She is TOTALLY cute!

Yes, I have many of the same tongue pix...if we wouldn't totally be boring the rest of the world I'd post them all over my blog, and we could have a pic-sharing event.

JTB said...

Yay! The Feminarian came to my blog! This comment will be punctuated exclusively with exclamation marks!!!